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Drabble- I Need Protection From...

Really have no freaking clue where this came from. Just saw this prompt somewhere and it was late at night and I was bored and my mind turned to non-sense. I wish I could figure something out to actually do something with this. It's just pointless word vomit though. But have it anyway! YAY!


I need protection. Protection from myself. From those around me. From them. The others. They search for me but cannot find me. Or more like they cannot see me. Humans take mortality and normality for granted. I would give my life to be here.  I no longer wish to be me. To be here, to be as who I am. The world is a big place. But far too small for someone like me. Far too small for what I am capable of, but alas the world does not grow. Only I do. And I wish everyday for the power, the changing, to stop. To end it. Permanently.
Tags: drabble, my mind is retarded at night, pointless, prompt
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