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Hunger Games - Major Spoilers

Okay, so I JUST finished reading the last book and I feel like ripping my heart out! I mean, I'm glad she ended up with Peeta and everything. Very happy that they had kids and she was able to feel happiness while holding them and spending time with them. Like she could finally, with Peeta, be a mom and women that she never thought she could or was willing to ever be. But she mentioned Gale at the end and I couldn't tell if she still resented him or not. Did she forgive him?

I feel like the last couple chapters just flew by. So much happened so quickly. And I kinda felt a little put off that she didn't do what she vowed to do throughout the half the series. Kill Snow. I am glad though that she did kill Coin. Cause she did kinda need to die... She wanted there to be a last Hunger Games with the Capitol kids, did it actually happen? I mean Katniss was in her room for a while while they had the trial and stuff, did the Games not take place? And after Coins death, did the new president just overrule it even though a majority of the tributes said yes? I'm assuming the Games didn't go forth though. I hope I'm right.

I wish the ending had a bit more about the districts and the Capitol though. Like did it really turn into a democracy and did all the districts go back to doing what they were designated to do before? I mean with the Nut gone I would think 2 wouldn't have much to do since there aren't Peacekeepers anymore either.

Either way, it was an AMAZING series and I am so glad I read them. Really made me think about things. I'm excited for the next couple movies to see how they show the events and characters. Really curious as to who will play Boggs and Finnick. I think everyone should read these books. They are worth every penny and every sad moment.

What does anyone else think of the books? I hear some people were rooting for Gale instead of Peeta. How do you think her life would have gone if Gale came back to 12 instead of Peeta? What if Peeta couldn't recover enough of his real memories and personality to trust himself with Katniss like he did when they were in the Capitol towards the end? So many thoughts!

Wow that's a long post about a book....GAHHH so many feelings!! I can't stand it! I need more! I feel like a book druggie...OTL.
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