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My Feels!! so many feels. /sobbing

OMG! I can't believe The Avengers is out and I can't buy it!! NUUUUUU! I have been waiting FOREVER for it to be out on DVD so I can rush to the store and buy it immediately. But me and my friends are planning a trip to LA to see Big Bang in concert on November 3rd. Which means I need every dollar I can find to help pay for gas. I have plenty for the ticket...just gas is going to kill me. BUT, it shall work out.

On the plus side, I got a job! I have orientation on Monday so I'm really excited to finally have some cash to help with expenses and stuff. So once the concert is done I will actually have money that I can use for the money. /sobbing I have to wait a whole month before I will be able to buy it!

kdjgn;ekrhgnhiehenfigebbfsjdk.f I can't do this!! MY FEELS!!! ALL OF MY FEELS ARE EXPLODING!!

Also, started watching the Vampire Diaries and I am completely hooked! Oh my goodness I cannot believe my addiction to that show right now. Thank the Lord for Netflix. Does anyone know if/when Netflix will have Avengers?? Probably not for a long time huh? Le sigh. I shall survive. Somehow.

Have a good weekend everyone!! Pinching all of your cheeks in my mind~
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