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The Beginning

Women's roles in just about everything throughout history has been extremely marginalized. In a male dominated society for hundreds of years and the right to vote only granted to many western countries about 80 years ago, history has still forgotten many brave women. As women's studeis takes a stronger hold as time goes on and historical studies shifting to looking closer at marginalized people there are still worlds where women and their roles are either ignored or illustrated in a sexualized and demeaning light. Espionage is said to be the second oldest profession behind prostitution and yet women only appear in the latter in most pop culture.

There are so very few films or television shows where women can be strong lead roles, in positions of power or leadership that are traditionally male roles. When women are placed in media made postions of espionage and spycrarft they are alwasy knocked down peg, always hyper sexualized and seductive in order to gain their information.

What is sorly missed in these stories are the true ones.

The women that these adaptations and creative creationes are trying to produce had real parts in the winning of the allies in World War II. These civilians and members of the armed forces have so many stories to tell of heroism and sacrifice. Their fight for freedom was just as ardious, terifying, and brave as any of the young men serving their countries. These women are so commonly bypassed and ignored for their importnce in the romantisized idea of fighting the greatest evil of all, facism and communism.

Wars are won by more then young amazing men in uniform but by the whole world backing them up, on the home front and abroad behind enemy lines.
Female soldiers and spies have done more then we will ever realize.
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