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Let's Give it a Go

So I had an LJ account before but I decided to make a new one to actually post on and really use. I have to say I'm still kinda confused about LJ. I am forever confused, and I have never posted anything before so we will have to see how this goes. Anyway! Hello world, aka just me since none of my friends know about this account >.<;;

(What is a Bookmarklet? OTL So confused. O.o I guess I will try that next then.)

I think I will keep this account secret from rlf so I can post rambles and whatever else floats my boat at the time without worrying what they will make of it. Maybe I will even try my hand at writing again. We will see. I get lazy too often I feel like to actually to be able to write anything decent. But again, we shall see~

My username is totally dumb. I really couldn't think of anything and there is a box of Junior Mints (my favorite candy) and the book I'm currently reading on my desk so I was like why not. So there you have it. A useless name if I ever saw one.

I went to see The Avengers a couple weeks ago and I am totally head-over-heels in love with Hawkeye and the Clintasha (BlackHawk? Which name are people using??) So if I do post any writings it will most likely be Avengers related at this point. My mind is completely taken over by all of them I just don't even know what to do with myself! But it could change later down the road.

FYI- Robin Hood is my all time favorite story. To me, he is like my favorite Superhero and fairly tale wrapped into one. Which is probably why I took such a liking (love) to Hawkeye. I just love the story, and the history, the love and friendship, and the loyalty that always takes place in the Robin Hood stories.

So feel free to friend me (I am completely friendless on here at the moment!) And I would love someone to talk to! I can be super awkward most the time but that's okay. I'm sure we can work past that and be friendly and spazz together. Kekeke have a good evening everyone~ 

-Signing off
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