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Can't Believe I Have been Sucked In....OTL

My friends younger sister and mom read all the books and then gave them to me to read when the movie came out and I thought it looked pretty interesting. So I hurried up and read the first one as fast as I could so I could go see the movie before it went out of theaters. And I absolutely fell in love! Like I couldn't put it down and I have spent more time talking to my friends mom in the last couple days then my friend. We just keeping spazzing and debating about the books.

I started Catching Fire the other day and I'm beginning to see how some people ship Katniss with Gale. BUT I know she ends up with Peeta so I'm trying to not get too attached to Gale.

I also got my friend into the Mortal Instruments which I am very happy about. I really love those books and I have waiting forever for her to finally want to read them. I love it when she spazzes and freaking out to me about things happening and I already know what happens~ It amuses me.

Time to go eat some ice cream or maybe instead a Sonic route 44 sweet tea and watch some Top Gear re-runs.
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