Let's Give it a Go

So I had an LJ account before but I decided to make a new one to actually post on and really use. I have to say I'm still kinda confused about LJ. I am forever confused, and I have never posted anything before so we will have to see how this goes. Anyway! Hello world, aka just me since none of my friends know about this account >.<;;

(What is a Bookmarklet? OTL So confused. O.o I guess I will try that next then.)

I think I will keep this account secret from rlf so I can post rambles and whatever else floats my boat at the time without worrying what they will make of it. Maybe I will even try my hand at writing again. We will see. I get lazy too often I feel like to actually to be able to write anything decent. But again, we shall see~

My username is totally dumb. I really couldn't think of anything and there is a box of Junior Mints (my favorite candy) and the book I'm currently reading on my desk so I was like why not. So there you have it. A useless name if I ever saw one.

I went to see The Avengers a couple weeks ago and I am totally head-over-heels in love with Hawkeye and the Clintasha (BlackHawk? Which name are people using??) So if I do post any writings it will most likely be Avengers related at this point. My mind is completely taken over by all of them I just don't even know what to do with myself! But it could change later down the road.

FYI- Robin Hood is my all time favorite story. To me, he is like my favorite Superhero and fairly tale wrapped into one. Which is probably why I took such a liking (love) to Hawkeye. I just love the story, and the history, the love and friendship, and the loyalty that always takes place in the Robin Hood stories.

So feel free to friend me (I am completely friendless on here at the moment!) And I would love someone to talk to! I can be super awkward most the time but that's okay. I'm sure we can work past that and be friendly and spazz together. Kekeke have a good evening everyone~ 

-Signing off
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The Beginning

Women's roles in just about everything throughout history has been extremely marginalized. In a male dominated society for hundreds of years and the right to vote only granted to many western countries about 80 years ago, history has still forgotten many brave women. As women's studeis takes a stronger hold as time goes on and historical studies shifting to looking closer at marginalized people there are still worlds where women and their roles are either ignored or illustrated in a sexualized and demeaning light. Espionage is said to be the second oldest profession behind prostitution and yet women only appear in the latter in most pop culture.

There are so very few films or television shows where women can be strong lead roles, in positions of power or leadership that are traditionally male roles. When women are placed in media made postions of espionage and spycrarft they are alwasy knocked down peg, always hyper sexualized and seductive in order to gain their information.

What is sorly missed in these stories are the true ones.

The women that these adaptations and creative creationes are trying to produce had real parts in the winning of the allies in World War II. These civilians and members of the armed forces have so many stories to tell of heroism and sacrifice. Their fight for freedom was just as ardious, terifying, and brave as any of the young men serving their countries. These women are so commonly bypassed and ignored for their importnce in the romantisized idea of fighting the greatest evil of all, facism and communism.

Wars are won by more then young amazing men in uniform but by the whole world backing them up, on the home front and abroad behind enemy lines.
Female soldiers and spies have done more then we will ever realize.
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Jeremy Renner

Just Wondering

I've had the new Windows phone for a while now but I just can't seem to find any good games/apps that entertain me for long periods of time. Astronomy is so boring and I really need a game to keep me awake >.<;;

Any suggestions?

On the plus side, only got 4 more weeks till summer break! Woot! Now if only I didn't have so many papers due before then. OTL
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Hawkeye- vintage

My Feels!! so many feels. /sobbing

OMG! I can't believe The Avengers is out and I can't buy it!! NUUUUUU! I have been waiting FOREVER for it to be out on DVD so I can rush to the store and buy it immediately. But me and my friends are planning a trip to LA to see Big Bang in concert on November 3rd. Which means I need every dollar I can find to help pay for gas. I have plenty for the ticket...just gas is going to kill me. BUT, it shall work out.

On the plus side, I got a job! I have orientation on Monday so I'm really excited to finally have some cash to help with expenses and stuff. So once the concert is done I will actually have money that I can use for stuff...like the money. /sobbing I have to wait a whole month before I will be able to buy it!

kdjgn;ekrhgnhiehenfigebbfsjdk.f I can't do this!! MY FEELS!!! ALL OF MY FEELS ARE EXPLODING!!

Also, started watching the Vampire Diaries and I am completely hooked! Oh my goodness I cannot believe my addiction to that show right now. Thank the Lord for Netflix. Does anyone know if/when Netflix will have Avengers?? Probably not for a long time huh? Le sigh. I shall survive. Somehow.

Have a good weekend everyone!! Pinching all of your cheeks in my mind~
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To see again or not to see again

LOL so my roommate is going to work tonight and I'm seriously debating going to the movies alone to watch Bourne Legacy again. Last time I went to see the Avengers by myself for a second time my brother and his friends made fun of me and called me a loner. But I think seeing a movie the first time with friends is fun, but the second time around I like going by myself cause then I can actually pay attention and catch new information and little hints at things I missed the first time around while giggling with my friends.

But I really should stay home and get some work done. OTL it's the first week of classes and I'm like already drowning in papers and reading for classes. On the plus side I'm taking three history classes (which is my major) so I'm super excited. But still. I be tired already.

HOWEVER, one of my papers in English we  are supposed to pick a text or some sort of movie/lyrics/article that has an issue or claim that they are trying to make and then analyze it. So I was actually thinking about picking The Bourne Legacy and I thinking that the the claim of the movie could be like government morals and how some people in high places make decissions affecting a lot of people without actually having any reprocussions or anyone to answer to. But idk. Cause I need quotes so I would have to like bring my notebook with me to the movies and write stuff down. Hmm

ALSO, one last thing, I was wondering about comic books. There's a store up here at school that sells comic books and I didn't know last year so i was really excited to find Avengers and Hawkeye comics but idk where to start. I was thinking about trying to find and start at The Secret Avengers cause it seems cool. But am I skipping too much? What about any Hawkeye ones? Where should I start?! Gaahhh! I needs help. ^^

Hope everyone's having a good rest of summer and studies hard this year~

Hunger Games - Major Spoilers

Okay, so I JUST finished reading the last book and I feel like ripping my heart out! I mean, I'm glad she ended up with Peeta and everything. Very happy that they had kids and she was able to feel happiness while holding them and spending time with them. Like she could finally, with Peeta, be a mom and women that she never thought she could or was willing to ever be. But she mentioned Gale at the end and I couldn't tell if she still resented him or not. Did she forgive him?

I feel like the last couple chapters just flew by. So much happened so quickly. And I kinda felt a little put off that she didn't do what she vowed to do throughout the half the series. Kill Snow. I am glad though that she did kill Coin. Cause she did kinda need to die... She wanted there to be a last Hunger Games with the Capitol kids, did it actually happen? I mean Katniss was in her room for a while while they had the trial and stuff, did the Games not take place? And after Coins death, did the new president just overrule it even though a majority of the tributes said yes? I'm assuming the Games didn't go forth though. I hope I'm right.

I wish the ending had a bit more about the districts and the Capitol though. Like did it really turn into a democracy and did all the districts go back to doing what they were designated to do before? I mean with the Nut gone I would think 2 wouldn't have much to do since there aren't Peacekeepers anymore either.

Either way, it was an AMAZING series and I am so glad I read them. Really made me think about things. I'm excited for the next couple movies to see how they show the events and characters. Really curious as to who will play Boggs and Finnick. I think everyone should read these books. They are worth every penny and every sad moment.

What does anyone else think of the books? I hear some people were rooting for Gale instead of Peeta. How do you think her life would have gone if Gale came back to 12 instead of Peeta? What if Peeta couldn't recover enough of his real memories and personality to trust himself with Katniss like he did when they were in the Capitol towards the end? So many thoughts!

Wow that's a long post about a book....GAHHH so many feelings!! I can't stand it! I need more! I feel like a book druggie...OTL.
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Drabble- I Need Protection From...

Really have no freaking clue where this came from. Just saw this prompt somewhere and it was late at night and I was bored and my mind turned to non-sense. I wish I could figure something out to actually do something with this. It's just pointless word vomit though. But have it anyway! YAY!


I need protection. Protection from myself. From those around me. From them. The others. They search for me but cannot find me. Or more like they cannot see me. Humans take mortality and normality for granted. I would give my life to be here.  I no longer wish to be me. To be here, to be as who I am. The world is a big place. But far too small for someone like me. Far too small for what I am capable of, but alas the world does not grow. Only I do. And I wish everyday for the power, the changing, to stop. To end it. Permanently.
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Can't Believe I Have been Sucked In....OTL

My friends younger sister and mom read all the books and then gave them to me to read when the movie came out and I thought it looked pretty interesting. So I hurried up and read the first one as fast as I could so I could go see the movie before it went out of theaters. And I absolutely fell in love! Like I couldn't put it down and I have spent more time talking to my friends mom in the last couple days then my friend. We just keeping spazzing and debating about the books.

I started Catching Fire the other day and I'm beginning to see how some people ship Katniss with Gale. BUT I know she ends up with Peeta so I'm trying to not get too attached to Gale.

I also got my friend into the Mortal Instruments which I am very happy about. I really love those books and I have waiting forever for her to finally want to read them. I love it when she spazzes and freaking out to me about things happening and I already know what happens~ It amuses me.

Time to go eat some ice cream or maybe instead a Sonic route 44 sweet tea and watch some Top Gear re-runs.
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