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To see again or not to see again

LOL so my roommate is going to work tonight and I'm seriously debating going to the movies alone to watch Bourne Legacy again. Last time I went to see the Avengers by myself for a second time my brother and his friends made fun of me and called me a loner. But I think seeing a movie the first time with friends is fun, but the second time around I like going by myself cause then I can actually pay attention and catch new information and little hints at things I missed the first time around while giggling with my friends.

But I really should stay home and get some work done. OTL it's the first week of classes and I'm like already drowning in papers and reading for classes. On the plus side I'm taking three history classes (which is my major) so I'm super excited. But still. I be tired already.

HOWEVER, one of my papers in English we  are supposed to pick a text or some sort of movie/lyrics/article that has an issue or claim that they are trying to make and then analyze it. So I was actually thinking about picking The Bourne Legacy and I thinking that the the claim of the movie could be like government morals and how some people in high places make decissions affecting a lot of people without actually having any reprocussions or anyone to answer to. But idk. Cause I need quotes so I would have to like bring my notebook with me to the movies and write stuff down. Hmm

ALSO, one last thing, I was wondering about comic books. There's a store up here at school that sells comic books and I didn't know last year so i was really excited to find Avengers and Hawkeye comics but idk where to start. I was thinking about trying to find and start at The Secret Avengers cause it seems cool. But am I skipping too much? What about any Hawkeye ones? Where should I start?! Gaahhh! I needs help. ^^

Hope everyone's having a good rest of summer and studies hard this year~
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